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F45 Coorparoo Grows By 40% In Just 3 Months

"Once we changed over to your system we had members commenting on how it was really nice to see people that were returning and becoming a part of our community rather than just seeing a flood of people that came in for 1 - 2 sessions that never came back "
Jacki Morelli

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with the F45 Coorparoo team, so below we speak to Jacki, the owner, to see what’s changed.

What was happening with your studio before we started working together?

We started this business to create something that was fun and enjoyable for us to do.  The old saying you never work a day in your life if you love what you do…..that is what we wanted to create for ourselves.

But we were not growing the business, we had plenty of people coming in for trials that never proceeded with memberships.  We came to what felt like a now or never moment to try something different and create the growth that we wanted/ needed.

Sales, processes and studio experience were all reasons that we were not growing.  There was a lack of follow up with leads, structured systems for follow up of trialers and the studio experience needed significant improvement.

Why did you choose to work with us, instead of the other options on the market?

We got a Referral from someone and when we first spoke over zoom it was obvious that because you had a studio yourself your knowledge and experience was going to be priceless for getting our business to where it needed to be.

What objections did you have in your head before starting to work with us?

Our previous marketing company had drummed into us that we had to offer a 2 week trial in order to get the most people in the door and now we were going to ditch our free trials and go to a paid trial unlike anyone in my area. I wasn’t sure that this would work in our market when every other F45 around us offers free trials so I was nervous about this. 


  • Where we were previously having a net growth of 1 – 4 members per month, we are now looking at a net gain this month of 25 members.
  • In the 3 months that we have been working with your team we have grown by 40% and we are now only 28 off our goal for the end of the year 🙂
  • An extra $5000 a month in recurring revenue

Our team has more direction and we are now on the same page working towards common goals.  The sales process from start to finish has become more efficient and effective.  Throughout this process we are also gaining feedback on the studio experience which is allowing us to make modifications and continually make improvements/ changes.  We are now doing weekly check in calls with members which allows us to get a deeper understanding as to their goals and how we can help them achieve them and again provides us another opportunity to gain feedback as to the studio experience.

What has been the #1 most valuable outcome so far? 

Learning more about what works in this business and how to keep it simple and just nail the basics.  It has been great to learn more about what we should be monitoring each week and tracking our progress and improvement in these areas. 

The business has definitely seen an uplift in terms of performance in both the front of house and back end systems.  Recognising that I needed more help so I could have time to focus on other areas of the business has also been great and since adding more hours to our head trainer we have seen more positive growth in the business (the old spend money to make money concept). 

Our members are now more engaged in the community and we are starting to really build on this side of the business.  Oh yeah….. and we are now making money!!!

Our members have definitely noticed a change since with have been with your team.  As we mentioned our previous marketing company advised a 2 week free trial which lead to many people coming through the studio that had no intention of joining (poor lead quality) once we changed over to your system we had members commenting on how it was really nice to see people that were returning and becoming a part of our community rather than just seeing a flood of people that came in for 1 – 2 sessions that never came back. 

Our members are really enjoying how the kickstart program has transformed our business from a community aspect. 

Looking back I wish I have known about your program from day 1 when we bought this business. What we have learnt in the last 3 months has been game changing.  Also, being able to talk to someone who owns a studio and knows exactly how these things operate is fantastic!

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Due to the very hands on nature, we keep the numbers of studios we work with small to ensure everyone gets the right level of attention, and results.

Once the spots are gone, they’re gone.

*UPDATED* As of October 23rd, I have space for 5 more studios who want to grow their revenue, members and business value.

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